Unleash the Cluck-tastic Fun with the Chicken Orb: The Ultimate Chicken Lover's Accessory!

Behold the Chicken Orb, a remarkable 55cm spherical rolling enclosure designed to let your beloved pet chicken embark on epic adventures in their surrounding environment.

What's the deal with Chicken Orbs?

The Chicken Orb grants your pet chickens the freedom to roam and explore a designated garden area, all while curbing those pesky unwanted behaviours.

Within the Chicken Orb's confines, your feathered friend can physically move the Chicken Orb around the yard, engaging in the delightful pursuit of foraging. However, their ability to jump, fly, dig, and sprint is cleverly restricted, ensuring they indulge in these activities precisely when, where, and how they should. Plus, catching them becomes as easy as pie!

Predator Deterrent & Huggable Humans:

While the Chicken Orb wasn't designed specifically for deterring predators, the Chicken Orb serves as a visible deterrent to discourage unwanted visitors, and we highly recommend supervising Chicken Orbing at all times. Although it  also provides an extra barrier, ensuring that your cherished chickens remain safe from the exuberant love of overly affectionate children.

Training Feathered Explorers:

Each chicken will require some training time. Patience and gentle encouragement are key. Some chickens possess exceptional intelligence and motivation, making quick work of mastering the Chicken Orb. Others may need a bit more time to catch on. Remember, every chicken is unique. Interestingly, we've discovered that the Isa Brown breed boasts the fastest learners, conquering the Chicken Orb challenge in a mere 15 minutes!

Untangling Feathery Mishaps:

During the training period, chickens may occasionally find themselves tangled up. Fear not, as these resilient creatures quickly learn from these experiences. We suggest that you keep a distance of atleast 2 good paces away as they're learning, so that they don't associate any minor mishaps with you. This will ensure that you're always treated as the chicken lover you are by your learned feather friends. With a sprinkle of patience and a dash of motivation, they'll shrug off any tangles and keep on rolling with sheer determination.

Ensuring Chickens Stay Cool and Comfortable in the Chicken Orb:

Chickens require access to shade and a constant supply of fresh water to prevent overheating, especially during hot weather. While the Chicken Orb offers a fantastic opportunity for chickens to explore and forage, it's essential to ensure they have access to shady areas and water sources while using the Orb. This ensures that our feathered friends stay cool, hydrated, and comfortable throughout their Orbing adventures. Remember, the well-being of our chickens is paramount, and providing them with a comfortable environment is key to their happiness and health.

The Garden Saver:

The greatest benefit of embracing the Chicken Orb revolution? Picture this: your beloved pet chickens freely foraging in the very same space where your beautiful garden thrives, minus the notorious chicken flickin' mess! It's a win-win situation that lets you savour the joys of both gardening and poultry companionship.

Preparing Your Garden for Orb-ception:

Before launching the Chicken Orb adventure, ensure your garden is obstacle-free and has a level surface. Simple structures like raised garden edging, approximately 20cm above the base surface, effectively keep the average-sized chicken (approximately 2.5 kg) from rolling the Chicken Orb beyond its boundaries. You can also secure and stake specific areas you wish to keep off-limits. Stakes measuring around 2.5cm x 2.5cm or thicker, placed no more than 55cm apart and standing at least 30cm above the ground, will do the trick. This way, the Chicken Orb remains restricted while granting you easy access throughout the garden.

Guarding the Orb-Scape:

Remember, predator access to the garden where your Chicken Orbs roll must be restricted. Ensuring a safe environment for your adventurous chickens is crucial.

Level Ground Rules:

For optimal performance, the Chicken Orb should be used exclusively on level surfaces. Keep the rolling fun smooth and seamless!

Quenching Thirst and Nourishing Appetites:

Fear not, dear chicken keepers! While nestled within the enclosure, chickens can effortlessly reach through to drink and eat. Ensure you provide a container in an easily accessible location to keep them well-hydrated and nourished during their Chicken Orb escapades.


Gateways to Freedom:

The Chicken Orb boasts a gate complete with firm latches, conveniently operated by hand. Your chickens can enter and exit their beloved rolling realm at their feathered whim.

Dreams are Made Outside the Orb: Sleep and Scratch Edition!

The Chicken Orb is simply an accessory, not a replacement for a cozy coop or a chicken run. It's crucial to remember that chickens should only be kept within the Chicken Orb for as long as they feel comfortable. If you spot any signs of distress, it's an absolute must to release them from the Orb and return them to the safety of their chicken run or coop. After all, a well-rested chicken is a happy chicken!

Chicken Orb Scratch-Match:

Chickens are clever creatures with an innate knack for scratching. However, the Chicken Orb cleverly restricts their ability to engage in those long striding flicks while foraging. This ingenious feature helps you maintain the health and beauty of your beloved garden. Bid farewell to unwelcome disruptions and revel in a harmonious coexistence between your flourishing flora and feathery friends.

Understanding Chicken Body Language: Knowing When It's Time to Exit the Chicken Orb:

It's important to pay attention to your chickens' body language when they're in the Chicken Orb to determine if they've had enough time inside. While the Chicken Orb provides a stimulating environment for chickens to forage and explore, it's crucial to monitor their behaviour and give them breaks as needed. Signs that your chickens may have had enough of the Orb include restlessness, pacing, excessive vocalisation, or attempts to escape. Additionally, if you notice any signs of distress, such as panting, drooping wings, or disinterest in foraging, it's time to release them from the Orb. Remember, the recommended maximum time for chickens in the Chicken Orb is no more than 2 hours to ensure their well-being and avoid potential stress or fatigue. By observing their body language and respecting their limits, you can create a positive and enjoyable experience for your chickens in the Chicken Orb.

Looking for More Feathered Wisdom?

If you're seeking further enlightenment on the art of keeping chickens, fear not! The Backyard Chicken Coops website is a treasure trove of invaluable information, waiting to assist you on your poultry-keeping journey. Visit www.backyardchickencoops.com.au to unlock a world of chicken expertise, tips, and tricks that will have your feathered companions clucking with delight.

So, are you ready to embrace the Chicken Orb revolution? Let your poultry pals roll, explore, and forge a deeper connection with the great outdoors while you bask in the harmonious balance between your vibrant garden and the clucking wonders that inhabit it. Unleash the cluck-tastic fun and make memories that will have your chickens and garden forever grateful!