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Chicken Orb

Chicken Orbs are spherical shaped enclosures, designed to allow a hen to forage around the garden, while making it easy to restrict the hen from certain areas.

When a chicken inside the orb walks, the orb moves too. The orb is like a movable barrier between the chicken and everything outside of the orb.

The orb:  

• Allows the chickens to walk in any direction they choose,

• Allows room to stretch and flap

• Allows natural foraging and drinking

• Limits their scratching and digging

• Limits access into raised areas

• Limits running

They will make a great addition to any garden, making it easier to share the space with you feathered friends.

$69.00 AUD Postage included to most urban areas. 

$43.00 USD (Postage fees apply to internationally)

Please note, only one chicken per orb.