Collection: Discover the Freedom of Chicken Orbs

Enhancing Garden Harmony with Feathery Friends

Introducing Chicken Orbs, the ingenious spherical enclosures designed to empower your hens to explore and forage freely in your garden while offering effortless control over their movement. Picture a movable barrier between your chickens and designated areas, providing a harmonious coexistence with your beloved feathered companions.

Inside the orb, as your chicken walks, the orb moves in sync, granting them the liberty to venture in any direction they desire. It offers ample space for stretching and flapping, allowing for natural foraging and drinking experiences while curbing excessive scratching, digging, and access to raised areas. With running restricted, your garden remains intact, and the joy of having chickens becomes a seamless part of your outdoor haven.

These versatile orbs are the perfect addition to any garden, enabling a delightful cohabitation with your feathered friends. Priced at $69.00 AUD with postage included for most urban areas, or $43.00 USD with applicable postage fees for international orders, these orbs open the gateway to a blissful garden-chicken connection.

Please note, each orb accommodates only one chicken, ensuring their comfort and well-being. Unleash the magic of Chicken Orbs and embark on a remarkable journey of garden harmony today.