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What is a chicken orb?

A chicken orb is an accessory,  A spherical shaped enclosure, pet chicken can move the enclosure from with in it.

What is its purpose?

The chicken orb allows pet chickens to roam a garden area, while restricting some of its behaviors.

A chicken, within a chicken orb, is able move the orb around a yard area, its ability to jump, fly and dig and run are restricted.

Do they protect the chickens from predator's?

I wouldn't think so. I have never put a chicken intentionally in the way of a predator to test it and I recommend that you don't either.

The orb does provide a extra barrier from overly affectionate children though.

 Will the chicken know how to use it or will they need training?

Each chicken will need some training time. so be patient and encourage gently, some chickens are very intelligent and motivated will pick it up quickly. others will take more time. Each chicken is different. I have found that Isa Brown have the quickest learners, taking only 15 minutes to be efficiently moving the orb.

Do the chickens get their body tangled in the orb?

Chickens do occasionally get tangled during the training period, so be present to assist if required. Chickens are very resilient and tend to learn quickly from these experiences, they often just shake it off, and keep on rolling. 


What is the benefit of using a chicken orb?

You can have pet chickens foraging in the same space that you grow your garden.

How do I make my garden orb ready?

Check that your garden is clear of obstructions and the surface is level. 

You few simple structures may be requires to create an orb barrier, if you already have a garden, you probably already have most of these in place. a raised garden edging that is 20cm above the surface, is sufficient to keep an average size chicken ( approx. 2.5 kg) from rolling the orb past it.

You can also secure stake around areas you don't want the orb to enter. Approximately 2.5cm x 2.5cm stakes or thicker will be sufficient. Ensure that there is a minimum height of 30cm above the surface, and no more that 55cm apart. this will restrict the orb, but not you in anyway.

make sure predators cant access the garden where your orbs will roll. 

The chicken orb should only be used on level surfaces. 

Can a chicken drink while in the cage?

A chicken is able to reach  through the enclosure to drink and eat, a chicken will need a container in an easily accessible location while using the chicken orb.

How go they get in and out?

the chicken orb has a gate, with firm  latches that can be open and closed by hand.

Do the chickens sleep in the chicken orb?

NO, the chicken orb is only an accessory, and does not replace a coop or a chicken run. Chicken should only be kept in the orb for as long as they are comfortable. If they show any signs of destress, you MUST release them from the orb and return them to the chicken run or coop.

Can chickens scratch within the orb?

Chickens are clever creatures, the orb restrict their ability to long striding flicks while foraging. 



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