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Sustainable Pet

Chickens in the urban setting, this is why I believe if you are aiming for sustainable lifestyle, and need a companion you can't go past pet chickens. We love pet chickens, not just because they have incredible, personalities, but we they take our food scraps and garden pest, turn them into manure for our gardens, uneaten scraps are turned over and over in the chicken run, breaking it down, to assisting in food waste decomposition for when it goes into the compost, all the while, producing eggs! What more could you want? A low maintenance pet? yet they are that too!  cute? There are soooo many different breeds and some are ridiculously cute and they all lay eggs, some more...

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Mrs Ardens chickens in the garden, right where they should be.

There is a common little rhyme that goes " I beg your pardon Mrs Arden, there’s a chicken in your garden” followed by a comical line of chickens devouring melons or cabbages, or having wooden legs, It would seem each family has their own little twist about how it goes, but the general gist is that the fowls are foes not friends in a garden.   The rhyme’s origins appear lost with the era that it came from, when chickens and gardens were an essential part of every household. The joy of a garden and chickens also seemed to be on the decline, with some people favouring minimal to no maintenance yards. This year, people have been forced back into...

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