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About Us

Chicken Orb is Australian business, embracing the ideals of the sustainable urban lifestyle.  


The pilot product the chicken ORB, was developed to assisting urban gardeners to reap the benefits of the pet chickens foraging between the garden beds, instead of in them, doing pest and weed maintenance as they forage.


The Chicken orb has since become a pet accessory that enables pet chicken owners in the urban environment to take their pet chicken out, to forage beyond the backyard.




The Founder

The founder Danni, is driven by an ambition to live a sustainable lifestyle in the urban environment. Believing chickens, are the ultimate sustainable lifestyle pet, they were welcomed into her urban family backyard.


The chickens would free range in the backyard leaving a trail of destruction and flicking mess. Not wanting to confine them to their run, the journey to develop something that would restrict their flicking and access to garden bed’s, but allow them to forage everywhere else in the backyard, began.


Since development began, Danni relocated to the urban outback town of Roxby Downs. Undetered by the obsticles of building a online business in regional Australia, persistance paid off in early 2020 whenthe first Chicken Orbs were released.


Danni and one of her fostered chickens, Pixel, enjoying an evening sunset in the red sand dunes of Roxby Downs.